PAPS Dog Sanctuary in Spain receives funds

The Trustees recently met and received an urgent request for funding, from an unusual source.... PAPS (Protectura Animales Perros Del Sol) is a dog refuge in Murcia, Spain. They recently received an alarming notification that their utility supplies were all about to be cut off due to lack of funding, and over 240 dogs would have to be put down.

This summer alone saw a dramatic rise in the number of dogs entering the refuge, in one month along 46 additional dogs arrived from just one town! The sanctuary hit crisis point and the water and electricity was about to be cut off. One phone call to the Foundation later, and services were connected which allowed a temporary fix until funding could be sourced to keep the sanctuary open properly.

Tina Wales Solera contacted the Foundation to say thanks on behalf of all the volunteers (and all the dogs!) for allowing the animals to be fed and watered, before hopefully now going on to find a new home!